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This paper raises the question how far Chinese perspectives can affect certain foundational principles in economics, such as the assumptions on individualism and self-interest allegedly originating in Adam Smith. I sketch the cultural legacy of this pattern for traditional Chinese conceptions of social interaction and behavior, which are still strong in rural society until today.

Keywords: Confucianism, Adam Smith, physiocracy, collectivism and individualism, social relations in China, morality, economy of Imperial China. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

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  • By Luigi Guiso , Paola Sapienza , For example, the child always obeyed the teacher, the father obeyed the leaders, and the wife obeyed the husband. They believe in the value of individuals not desiring to change their place in the world, not seeking individual acknowledgment based on individual achievement, and the requirement that anything done right must be done with consideration for how it impacts others and the correct or righteous order of things.


    Working in China today requires networks of dependent relationships. For example, gifts are given as a token of respect and allow individuals to build obligations between themselves and others who can assist them in China's business and social world. When you consider doing business in China there are a lot of thing to do non verbal to improve your performance. It is the key for a successful interfering. Non-verbal communication plays an important role not only in personal communication but also in intercultural communication as well.

    Although they chose verbal communication as their basic method, they thought highly of the importance of non-verbal communication. In order to blend into the Chinese society, the Jesuits employed the various advantages of non-verbal communication. Not only were they conscious of the garments they wore, the Jesuits were also sensitive to their appearance in general. Besides, they even changed their European names into Chinese ones.

    Chinese Culture Essay

    All this shows much about the philosophy of non-verbal communication. Since the Chinese strive for harmony and are group dependent, they rely on facial expression, tone of voice and posture to tell them what someone feels compared to western countries where you make gestures with your arms and hands but in a country like China you would appear offending or violent.

    Frowning while someone is speaking is interpreted as a sign of disagreement. Therefore, most Chinese maintain an impassive expression when speaking.


    Many Chinese will look towards the ground when greeting someone because it is considered disrespectful to stare into another person's eyes. In crowded situations the Chinese avoid eye contact to give themselves privacy as being a western country you have to notice this because in western countries it is seen as a way to pay attention to who you are speaking with by having eye contact. Then do not think that the Chinese are insecure by not making eye contact with you. Never lose sight of the fact that communication is official, especially in dealing with someone of higher rank.

    Treating them too informally, especially in front of their peers, may well ruin a potential deal.

    What was China's Cultural Revolution? BBC News

    The Chinese prefer face-to-face meetings rather than written or telephonic communication the main reason is that they cannot see the non verbal communication through the telephone or the written message, which counts for a great percentage of the communication with a Chinese. Chinese are non-confrontational. They will not overtly say 'no', they will say 'they will think about it' or 'they will see once again because they do not want to lose face.

    In Chinese business culture, conservative suits and ties in subdued colours are the norm. Bright colours of any kind are considered inappropriate. Women should wear conservative suits or dresses; a blouse or other kind of top should have a high neckline. Stick with subdued, neutral, colours such as beige and brown. Men should wear suits and ties to formal events; tuxedoes are not a part of Chinese business culture. Being aware of that you have non verbal signalised that you respect the culture.

    Because of the emphasis on conservative, modest, dress in Chinese business culture, flat shoes or very low heels are the main footwear options for women.

    This is true especially if you are relatively much taller than your hosts. High heels are acceptable only at a formal reception hosted by a foreign diplomat. Good to know is that Jeans are accepted as casual wear for both men and women and shorts are only for sports and exercising. Greetings are formal and the oldest person is always greeted first because China is a particularistic country where relationships are prioritised very high.

    Handshakes are the most common form of greeting with foreigners. Address the person by an honorific title and their surname. T he Chinese National Tourist Association is quick to demonstrate, in addition, that China is a happy family composed of 56 different "nationalities. There is no state to be found in tourist China; socialism, it seems, does not sell. Thus the first point to be made is that www.

    T he www. Thus, one of the Chinas summoned by this state organization is a multi-ethnic collective, a China whose boundaries are "soft" enough to encompass ethnic and cultural diversity.


    Culture Report on China

    Interactive Map of China. R ichard Handler, in his study of Quebec nationalism, notes that the nation as a collective individual is defined by its possessions, that its existence is demonstrated by the existence of its cultural property. The Great Wall of China. C hina is one of the earliest civilized countries in the world with a recorded history of over 4, years. As a worldly known fact, the Ancient Chinese invented the Compass, the Gunpowder, the Paper-making and Printing Skills, which greatly furthered the development of human society.

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    In the long history of thousands of years, the unique Chinese culture, living style and custom take form and thus make China a charming tourist destination. T he above passage is telling for two reasons.

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