A good book report on twilight

What if Bella was more affluent than the Cullens - would the horror work?

What about the romance? How do the different cultural references - both popular and classic - enrich the reading of the novel?

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How do they reflect the characters, or how the characters interact with each other? Cite specific examples throughout the book. If this book was not a series, would the ending of this first volume still be satisfying? How does a book series influence our reading of any single volume? Is this book believably scary?

Cite specific scenes that you found most in keeping with the horror genre?

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How about romantic? Again, cite specific scenes that seem most romantic.

Is this book more believably horror or romance? Does one ever undercut the other; if so, how?

Imagine how the humans besides Bella see her and the Cullen family. Are they doing anything truly unusual, or are they able to blend in enough not to receive too much notice? Cite specific events in the book, as well as reactions by humans in the book. Examine the nature of vampirism in the novel.

Twilight Summary

How does it fit traditional vampire stories, how does it not? What is the function in keeping or discarding various aspects of vampire lore in the novel? Just how flexible is the vampire - as a metaphor, as a cultural icon? How do the different families interact? What is the result?

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All seems to be going well, until three nomad vampires pass through Forks and one of them starts hunting Bella for fun. The pace of the story is upped and their love is put to the test. It is understandable why this series of books is so popular with the teenage audience.

It connects directly with them discussing the passion and promise a first love offers without patronising or mocking them. The book offers escapism into a world where the person you love, loves you back in the same hopelessly devoted way.

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The main criticism the book has received is its religious undertones, which is very apparent when reading it. In reality, Twilight is not a vampire novel. It is a tale of star-crossed lovers, the Romeo and Juliet of this generation; it just so happens that one of them has been dead for almost a century. It is a revelation to vampire fiction; what was once a terrifying beast that preyed on the vulnerable and weak has become something to aspire too, something to behold and even love.