Period trick to make your essay longer

In order to fix this problem while adding length to your paper, try to extend your first and last paragraphs. The last one should just be a recap anyway, so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with things to say. Don't get too carried away with this one or your teacher will catch on. If she doesn't have specific guidelines on how to format your essay, then you can take up some space by writing a lot of information in your heading.

Write your name, then write your class name, then your professor's name, then the date. It can take up a decent amount of space.

If there's no rule against it, write out the numbers you use. Writing eighty-seven instead of 87 takes up a bit of space that will add up over time if your essay involves a lot of mathematics. Even though you can get your point across in one sentence, you should be able to turn it into five sentences.


You're not at a party where others will lose interest if you don't make your points short and sweet. Your teacher wants you to be as specific as possible, so don't be afraid to go into detail. Just like the fluff, it is indeed a way how to add words to an essay, but not the kind that can make it an exciting read or get you a good grade at school.

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Adding an extra description does serve a purpose and make the text more pleasant to read, but when you do it all over the text, this effect is lost. This idea becomes especially tempting when you are assigned to write a particular number of pages, not words.

You can set a larger font, you can use double spacing instead of 1. Here is why this idea on how to make a paper longer is a bad one:. There is a neat little trick — you spell all the numbers instead of using digits, at least numbers smaller than ten. Not only is it a great and subtle way how to lengthen your essay, but it also makes your writing look more formal and professional. And, just like the previous instance, it makes your writing more pleasant to look at. Another way how to write a long paper is to decipher and spell out all abbreviations.

If you mention a person or a character, try to refer to them by their full names more often than by personal pronouns.

How to Make an Essay Longer

Not only will it help you how to write long essays, but it will also help your reader avoid any confusion that can be caused by unclear antecedents. It is true that in academic writing, you are strongly recommended to avoid any emotional language. This does not necessarily mean, however, that you cannot use certain means to inspire emotion with your writing.

The most obvious way how to achieve this and how to make essay longer along the way is to use descriptions. Another favorite trick how to write a long paper among many authors who know how to write long essays is to pick the lengthier synonyms over shorter ones. Having a rich vocabulary, you surely can describe the same thing with more than one word or phrase to choose from, so why not choose the longer ones. Finally, throughout your writing process, you should keep asking yourself not only what you can do to understand how to make an essay longer and preserve its value as you do so, but also how, where, and when you do it.

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So, you are well aware of the little tricks that essay writer use to make their writing more voluminous. It may still be unclear how you can put these tips into practice, though. For example, you want to use longer synonyms over shorter ones, but you don't feel so confident that your vocabulary is extensive enough.

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It may seem obvious to some, but not to everybody, that you can expand your vocabulary on the go as you are writing your essay and struggling how to make essay longer by looking up words in the synonym dictionary or just by looking up synonyms for some words in Google. It is also not obvious that you may look for synonyms not only to some selected words and terms but even to those words of which you are confident. Actually, you might as well try and synonymize every word. Suppose you are writing a process essay and your topic is "how to change a light bulb.

Any manual on how to write an essay will suggest that once you have a topic, you should do research. In our time, Google is the most popular and the most obvious research method.

Certain Ways How to Make an Essay Longer & Exceed Its Word Count

Not merely will this strengthen arguments, nonetheless it shall lengthen your paper. State you reported that UFOs had been real— you can add a good example of a eyewitness sighting, or reference a documentary. You ought to make use of numerous examples for each concept! Your teacher is supposed to be impressed that claims are supported, so that as outcome, your writing is likely to be much much much longer.

How to Increase Your Essay Word Count

A far more normal means to boost the period of the writing is always to consist of transitional terms. You are allowed by it to leap from a single idea to another location while bringing your visitors together with you carefully. They also will enhance the amount of your text! Decide to try with a couple of the expressions in your paper:.

Reverse outlining is precisely just just just what it seems like. It will help you reorganize pages in means which makes more feeling to individuals reading your projects, and it will mention areas you need to develop more.

If you notice a spot you have made as possible explain more, just take the chance to make your writing much longer.