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Bradbury lovers will find this a Bradbury feast. Nonlovers may find the fare a bit exotic and rich. Kirkus Reviews Issue: Feb. Do you work in the book industry? Which of the following best describes you? Literary Agent. Publicist or Marketing Professional. Film Industry Professional.


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Other Book Industry Professional. Email address:. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. Ray Bradbury recommended reading essays. What are some resources to accomplish this? Also search for longform. It's more or less a synonym. Such a simple solution. Thanks for the recommendation and help!

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Thanks for the recommendations! Thanks for the recommendation!

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Continue this thread. Will definitely look him up. Joan didions essays are blindingly great. Many of Margaret Atwood's essays are superb.


Great suggestion! Thank you. More posts from the books community. And the very last time I saw him, less than two months before he passed, he asked me again to help him finish it. There was something vital about this essay to Ray Bradbury—he wanted, I think, to prove to the world his influence on the field of architecture. Whatever the case, he very much wanted this essay published. How did I become an architect?

A Ridiculous Relationship With Technology In The Veldt, A Short Story By Ray Bradbury

It was all a happy accident. I suspect it began when I was three years old, living in Waukegan, Illinois, in My grandfather influenced me by showing me architecture. He had pictures of the Columbian Exposition, and of the St. I looked at these pictures through an old stereopticon, a Viewmaster, and I could see all the old, beautiful buildings. When I was five, my grandfather influenced me yet again.

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And I think this caused me to go on and to eventually influence other people and to start thinking about public spaces and buildings myself. My grandfather was so important. It was an issue from around , and it contained a story by H. They were so beautiful. I fell in love with those pictures. They burned into my subconscious.

In the fall of , when I was thirty-three, I had just finished writing Fahrenheit I went off with my wife and two young daughters to France, and England, and eventually to Ireland, to write the screenplay of Moby Dick for John Huston. When we arrived in London, we walked around town in the fog one night and we went to B Baker Street, and there was nothing there. This is terrible! This is where Sherlock Holmes lived! There should be something here to indicate that this is where he lived. I knew he loved Conan Doyle. And the underground Tube stop at Baker Street indicates it as well.

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So maybe, in a way, I began as an architect then. A few years later, in the early s, around the time of the publication of my novel Something Wicked This Way Comes , a young man working at the Disney studio saw an article that I wrote about a new edition put out by Bantam Books of 20, Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

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I wrote the introduction to that book and in it, I compared the author of Moby-Dick to the author of 20, Leagues Under the Sea. Herman Melville and Jules Verne. Bradbury, shall we tell you why we are here? Come in, come in! They asked me if I could write an eighteen-page script on the history of America with a full symphony orchestra.

By God, they put me to work.